2019 ram 3500 heavy duty review  :Beast pickup truck (do know)-Podcast 1
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2019 ram 3500 heavy duty review  :Beast pickup truck (do know)-Podcast

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Good thing 2019 ram 3500:Ram 3500

The 2019 ram 3500 heavy duty has 1,000 feet-pound of torque and whole tech you can handle in 2019 Ram 3500.

Bad things about 2019 ram 3500 heavy duty:Ram Heavy-duty truck

The 2019 ram 3500 has no Blind-spot monitoring and it is a important thing for a this size trucks , it’s standards are followed top of the line trime.

2019 ram 3500 heavy duty review:

2019 Ram 3500 is a heavy duty e truck and as we already know that heavy duty vehicles are very specialized vehicles.

Heavy duty vehicles every part of it’s is well optimize from a frame to a engine to the ‘Axle’ now you will ask me which work
We can do with 2019 ram 3500 heavy duty my answer is very simple you can do have load gruelling tow work 2019 Ram 3500.

However it does not mean owner will use it always for hualing to all times.
At Some points 2019 Ram 3500 might have to go the grocery store and bank.

I keep this thing in my mind, i spent 7 days with 2019 Ram 35000 dual-rear-wheel then I would took my ram 3500 for my Colorado tour,so that i can find how it will be handle my daily truck driving duty and I’ll tell my experience and how it was so get started
2019 Ram 35000

2019 Ram 3500 has big power,big truckRam Ram Heavy-duty Towing

Now let’s talk about Ram 3500 2019 model power.First all tell you clearly that this Heavy duty truck will fulfilled your almost all needs which you expect to the Heavy-duty or you can expect you to a vehicle of this size.
And let’s talking about it’s features and 2019 ram 3500 power briefly.

The ram 3500 and 2500 both versions are comes with 6 different trims.
This Heavy-duty truck might outfited at single ,superspacious mega cab or a crew cab and let’s talking it’s superspacious mega cab Specifications, let’s ram 2019 3500 box sixe this monster inside a 8 foot box.

You can also purchase a ram hd chassis cab which is allow to you do a fit the aftermarket bed.

Ram 2500 and ram 3500 their base engine is v8 mated 6.4 – liter has 6 speed automatic transmission, which put out the high speed of is 410 Horsepower 429 pounds-feets of the torque.

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Customer can also setup a Cummins turbodiesel engine 6.7-liters, which can be produce 410 Horsepower and now torque size is 850 pounds-feet.

However, my old truck has a El Burrito Grande engine:which contain the 6.7- liter Cummins diesel but it’s not produced 410 Horsepower well it’s produce 400 Horsepower and I’m “not joking”.

More irony thing is that my old truck’s El Burrito grande engine has 1k Feet-pound Torque . It’s engine is the six mated transmissions and just only would be had in Ram 3500 2019.

In starting of this year, I can put my new HD truck Ram 3500 by it’s paces so that I’ll be able to tow a approximately 35,100-pounds
go in the snow or rain even both of them.
So, if your main priority is maximum trailering to Heavy-duty truck then I strongly recommend you to buy this beast at this time or now days.

I’m using this beast HD truck’s power and my foot was pushing in down to it’s accelerate so that I can drive onto the highway road and take a cruise of my town.

And as I told you before although it is a Beast HD truck still this truck getting up to speed relatively is very quick and fast because it’s transmission (Aisin-sourced) is smoothly working in it’s background.

With my new HD truck’s big dual-rear-wheel and rear axle will setup pavement imperfections will be translated to it’s Cabin Tout Suite.

This ram model will gives you the expansion joints over the highway, despite it’s a par to the course intigrated with its big hualers.

And these will works excellently when you driving in that without taking trailer or payload and I these things in extra weight category.

This HD truck will giving the 75 MPH speed limit on ram 3500 Heavy-duty truck and when you drive this vehicle at that size you feel like
Specially when I was engaging its cruise control although its break is very easy and firm for modulating.

Now let’s talking about its emergency breaking system so one thing I can say about it it’s nice even though you have never this that then don’t worry because its blind spot monitoring system is top of my trim model 3500 limited edition.However it’s a optional feature every place else.

This feature is saying ram 3500 HD truck has so many tech features in that truck.

Truck parking of this large size vehicle gonna be a little bit difficult but this HD model truck make it easier for you because this has a 360 dagree Camera with its bird’s eye view of your parking area.

Now let’s talk about its dual rear wheel when you got your beast you can adds over foot’s width to our already is a big Ram, you will don’t forget it. Now let’s talking about that (how much long it is?)
So this is almost 22 feet long.

You can pull it into the perpendicular spot which takes someof recalibration for your normal driving routine.

So my overall verdict for this quick review of Ram 2019 3500 it’s quite interesting Heavy duty truck.

3500 HD 2019 has So much luxuryRam Heay duty Interior

The good is that the 3500 it is very comfortable and filled with tech and right no Ram’s new pick up truck hasn’t this much of features.

When I testing this beautiful vehicle it is in front seat has standard cooled & heated also same setup of Rear seats.

Now let’s talk its seats material these are made with Supple leather chairs which will give so much comfort and it will gives equal support to your your back,so now you can think in a HD truck this big so many rooms space inside the truck’s Cabin.

This truck’s interior is largely similar over from the previous model Ram 1500 , and when i was Looking at its interior i had realised this is best interior for a Heavy-duty truck for you in this time.
There are very much clever storage solutions in the ram new HD truck model as well.

Now let’s talking about its console and the console is reconfigureble also it has deep door pocket.The footwall area is alsoin the truck you can carry into clipboards and paper.

And if will see bit of storage area is still available with rear cabin.
So according to my final verdict this truck has a lot of luxurious and good comfort
It will never disappoint you for your comfortness and for your luxuriousness.

3500 has excellent tech.Ram 3500 Review

So now finally let’s talking about its excellent tech, starting of this article I’m telling you guys tech repeatedly saying so now let’s get started.

If you will a lower version of Ram 3500 2019 I will get a 5 inches tiny touch screen or if you’ll purchase a standard version you will get 8.4 inches touch screen with Ram’s excellent unconnect infotainment system.

But if you’re planning to buy a limited version of ram 3500 2019 model then you will get a LA ENCHILADE GORDA 12 touch screen panel.We saw that in the 1500 model.
It is a standard of the top Limited trims and Laramie Longhorn and it’s optional on the Longhorn Laramie.

According to me 12 inches display is a enough size even for a Heavy-duty truck and its unconnect system is very simple to use.
With a large size of display gives you big icons which are you can clearly and it will offer crisp graphics.

The big display mean i can run two different apps at the same time just an example I can hear audio controls and same time I can use navigation system. And I thought I’m not familiar with infotainment system I can replace it with Android auto or Apple Carplay because they both come standard.

Wi-Fi hotspot is also a essential feature for a vehicle and when I testing this truck then i found it.let’s talking phone charging 3500 has total 6 USB port , two ports in back side type A Type-C, front side three USB type -A 1 USB type-C comes with 115 volts, you can also use three different prongs outlet into each row seat.12 volts outlet for top dash.

Pricing of Ram 2019 tradesmen,big horn,Laramie,laramie longhorn, LimitedPricing of Ram 2019 tradesmen,big horn,Laramie,laramie longhorn, Limited

Let’s take look at its price lower to higheest
First let’s talk about 2019 Tradesman is a lower version of of that truck and its pricing here:$36,790 you can also buy it from lease then your monthly amount will be $411 for 48 months.

Source:The new 2019 Ram 3500

2019 Big Horn is higher than Tradesman so big Horn model net pricing is this $41,140 and let me tell you the price lease is $475 per month lease duration time is 4 years.

2019 Laramie is higher than big Horn so let’s just talk about the net pricing is $52,495 you can buy it through lease in just $596 per month for 4 years.

2019 big longhorn is quite expensive rather than previous models premium as well.its net price is $62,895 to $64,195 lease pricing is $705 for 4 years.

Ram 3500 2019 limited is top model of this lineup so it’s its price will be ver much expensive then your you are absolutely right because its net is $68,235 if you will ask me its lease pricing then this $839 per month for 4 years.


If you think I am making a paid review then you are wrong because now I’m going to tell you a alternative of this there is a another HD truck to all purchasers and alternative is 2500 in mid-rang segment talking about its price is $30,000 and another one is power wagon price at $53,100.
But if you are fan of this and you really want to buy this ,but for some reason you don’t want to buy a premium model.

So don’t worry because I’ll explain you how to buy a right truck for you need , first of all stick with Laramie model because this is not a very cheap and not very expensive.
Then buy safety group so you will get the adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring ,get a forward collision warning for safety propose.

I’ll add a cargo boxes at $995 so that it will gives me great lockable inside the truck’s bed.Although I love 12 inches big ,I stick with a 8.2 inches touchscreen which comes with it
Overall Laramie model is quite good in various things for a truck Price at just $58,175 I count destination price.
Now let’s talk its competitors in this segment of and they Ford F-350 Super Duty it’s has a 935 Feet-pound Torque, the power of towing capacity is 35,000 also it has v8 diesel power stroke.

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GMC Sierra HD and 2020 Chevy Silverado are also a competitors of Ram 3500 2019 but still they come into the market soon.
And they comes with excellent technology which will gives you a transplant trailer display they will also other tech features in it but as off now 3500’s competitors aren’t too many.

What’s your opinion about these trucks let me know in comments section.

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