Anime Talks#1: DBS Manga chapter 50 Release, Berserk Remake,

Anime Talks#1: DBS Manga chapter 50 Release, Berserk Remake.

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This is my new series called’anime talks’ its will Release and it’s all Anime world.
So in today’s episode we are gonna talk #1: DBS Manga chapter 50 Release,

anime talks#1: DBS Manga chapter 50 Release

anime talks
Credit:Akira toriyama

Fans are always curious about new manga chapter of Dragon Ball super and if you don’t about when the new Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 50 ,so don’t worry now I know when chapter 50 will be release it will release on July 20-2019.

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Berserk anime Remake:Adi Shankar wants to remake this animeAnime Talks#1: DBS Manga chapter 50 Release, Berserk Remake. 1

Whenever anime fans come to the dark anime one name comes into their mind Berserk anime.

This anime create westros looks very joyful play ground.Years after now fans wants to see Berkserk’s adoption to go live action and finally they have a man who can respond to their demand the man is Adi Shankar.

Despite Adi hasn’t saying like that” I’m working on the Berkserk’s project” but when he was giving a interview to IGN someone asked him about his latest project after the end of Pokemon.

Then again someone asked question about his new project which anime will be his new project.

He answered it ,so according to him he hasn’t been approached by studio or creators of Berserk but if it might be possible then this project became his dream jobs ever.

Still he is in now days because he’s a showrunner of Netflix anime’s adoption of Castlevania and soon Shankar will oversee to the site of Devil May Cry Anime.

Till now there’s no work by Berserk anime series although Shankar can handle this tittle.In previous interviews he had said it ,if Berserk back again and some reputable give an rights to me I will bring it back to made masterpiece.

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