Boonk Gang: top interesting facts... 1
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Boonk Gang: top interesting facts…

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Boonk Gang
Boonk Gang

Boonk Gang has proved that he has not been ashamed of sharing his sex tape on social media. When he posted his graphic sex tape on Instagram, on July 1 in his Instagram Story.

About five fun facts related to Boonk Gang …

1.Boonk Gang has a video game

Boonk has its own video game, which he named after the name of the video game “Gang” on his name, he announces this game in September 2017. The character of the game in this game is that he himself. In this game, the player has to run away with money, avoiding cops.

2.Boonk Gang been arrested many times

Gang was arrested for the first time in May 2017, in the case of adulteration in Dunkin donuts, he was charged with a small theft. The case was heard in July and a judge heard him punished. He was again arrested in September 2017 with his friends. He was arrested as a suspect he suspected that he was arrested in suspicion of possessing illegal drugs and arms.

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3. Their stunts were publicity for their rap career.

Gang has admitted to himself that his pranks and criminal stunts have a huge hand in advancing his rap career. Because that’s why he came in the eyes of the people. If you talk Gang then he is quite ambitious rapeer. Her first rap song was called the “Muttin” released on July 2017.

4.He’s been victim of a death hoax.

A lot of celebrities say Gang is the victim of the death of hoax who died in June 2018. Claiming a website, why did not the tablet be found on which were the marks of their wounds. But later this news proved to be false.

Tell us what’s your opinion comment your thoughts about these facts.And if know another facts you can tell us comment thank you for reading

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