Dragon Ball Super Broly

‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ Latest Promotional Add Poster With Broly’s New Look Lauch by: YonkouProductions

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The entire Fandom is exited about ‘Dragon Ball Super Broly‘ which has many reasons for the movie but most of the character designs and Broly photos have come up so far. In all those pictures, we have been shown that Broly has shown them all up to their power. Or fighting

Dragon Ball Super Broly’ Latest Promotional Add Poster With Broly’s New Look Lauch

Keeping in mind the Weekly Shonen Jump, today’s promotional ad poster of ‘Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly‘ was launched (YonkouProductions) posted a poster of ‘This Dragon Ball Super Broly movie‘ on your Twitter account.

In this poster, Broly is powered up in a photo, and in the second, Broly is in his super saiyan form and in the third picture she is seen going to his legendary Super Saiyan.
Also, Broly’s design does not look like an old Broly, but what is still his look is fine for (Legendary Broly)

Dragon Ball Super Broly

Dragon Ball Super Broly

After making such a thing of Broly, let’s go now about our Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta. If you talk about Vegeta in this poster, it is your super Saiyan red form which I think should be its main highlight because many people in the fandom are Vegeta Find his super Saiyan Red form

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new broly is stronger than goku?

One of the biggest questions about this film is that the new Broly will be so powerful in this new film but according to which the movie trailers are being shown
The way Broly is being shown. And as we did in the ‘Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie‘ trailer we saw how Broly stayed in its base form Goku and Vegeta‘s Super saiyan blue was attacking the base form and was also beat them. So my guess is that Broly is more powerful than other villians like:Jiren,God of destruction.

how did goku defeat broly?

If you ask me how did goku defeat broly? So I will give you a direct answer that if Goku again mastered the ultra then he would not be able to beat the quote. But if Goku and Vegeta fuse together and Gogeta, which is a non cannon character, appears in front. So they can beat him easily. And another way might be that the spirit bomb attack can be defeate Broly. And there are many ways to send but all I can not tell right now.

dragon ball super movie release date?

As we all know that all the animation of Dragon Ball (T.O.E.I animation) does, then they will release this movie in Japan (14.12 .2018) and the rest of the country will release this movie.

dragon ball super movie release date usa?

If talk of the USA, then Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie will be released there by Funimation and if the talk of its release date will be released in theaters in USA in January 2019.

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