unknown facts about Shawn Crahan founder of Slipknot his daughter Gabrielle dead at 22 1

unknown facts about Shawn Crahan founder of Slipknot his daughter Gabrielle dead at 22

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Shawna Crahan announced sad on his Twitter page that his daughter Gabrielle passed away at 22 years old ,it is tragic death because just Gabrielle was very for dying and more
tragic and sad for her dad Shawn Crahan founder of Slipknot he never thought about that daughter would be die at very young age .Well it is heard broken new but can’t do nothing.So now i have

1. Slipknot post a tribute to Gabrielle on their Instagram

. Slipknot post a tribute to Gabrielle on their Instagram

Slipknot shared a black and white pic of Gabrielle on their Instagram page and now I’m make this post Gabrielle tribute has 400k likes and around 26k coments and they wrote this on the Instagram post “placed on the deepest pain,it is with broken heart and want to inform you to all that my Gabrielle my youngest daughter is passed away Saturday-19- may 2019.She was just 22 years old her funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.
Thank you
Much love,
So it was the tribute of Gabrielle by Slipknot, Corey Taylor also talked about Gabrielle
he tweeted this

“my heart is broken for my brother, please keep the Shawn and his family thoughts and love.Gabrielle will be missed.

2.Shawn’s Slipknot has a big year ahead in 2019.

daughter Gabrielle

Slipknot music band

2019 is a big year for Slipknot because their in 9 August Slipknot will release a their sixth music ablum, then in summer they have a world tour and it is already scheduled.
But there is no update of that they changed schedule or postponed their trip despite Shawn Crahan’s Daughter death news.

3.Crahan is also Actor, Director, Videographer, Photographer

Gabrielle's dad Shawn Crahan

Shawn Crahan

Do you know that Shawn is a good Photographer ,well in 2012 Crahan published photo album and it’s titled was “the apocalytic nightmare” .

So how many of you know that Shawn Crahan is a if don’t so it’s here I’m here guys I’ll tell you,in same year Crahan made his to debut in acting in a movie called (devil’s carnival)

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Same year he decided to make movie under his direction then Shawn debat movie as a director and the movie called “Downe based” inspired by graphic novel name same.
Shawn was also directed a music video for “We Are” by the hollywood undead and (America) by motionless in white.

4.Shawn Crahan is an American musician who more popular by his stage called”Clown”s

Slipknot founder Shawn clown mask

Clown mask

Shawn was born on September 19 in 1969, at des moines in lowa.
Some people don’t know about that he is the founding member of Slipknot music band the band which was grammy wining heavy metal , Slipknot he started this in 1996.
Band is very popular because when they are performing they are wearing a clown mask.
Shawn’s mask is very famous ,when he is performing on stage he always wear that clown mask.Shawn is one of most two percussionists musicians. He is know as #6.
And he directed all the Slipknot music videos.

5.Crahan has asked for privacy after his young daughter passed away

As you can see in his Instagram post he want privacy he wrote in his post “Clown and much love” and he said his daughter Gabrielle death cause still was not immediately not clear.
I just want to say for her rest in peace.

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