lamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parr

lamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parr 5 things about her

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lamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parrlamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parr 5 things about her

So today I’m going to talk about lamar odom new girlfriend Sabrina Parr who is she ? 5 things t mkhat you need to know about her so without any further delay let’s begin.

5.lamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parr is a personal trainer in Ohio,life and health coach.

When Sabrina Parr realized that she’s in dark place then she decided to change routine lifestyle to be happy and fit , healthy.

When Sabrina Parr she had decided to release the ‘MyFit’ workout and meal regimen
according to Sabrina Parr’s website.

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After taking big success to “100 of testimonials” she got from Cleveland, Ohio, Parr wanted to make it for those people who has a wish to be healthy dietary and wants to get physical lifestyle where’s Sabrina give them a meal plan, detox cleanse, and chance to workout with her slogan ‘Getting Up To Parr’ lamar odom girlfriend Sabrina Parr a broadcaster at ESPN.

4. Sabrina is married even she has 2 kids


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Good morning! Who needs some motivation today??? I’m here to give it to you!! I am living proof that you can change any and everything about your life if you make your mind up to do so!!! . . I’ll make this short cuz I know y’all getting y’all day started and texting and driving tryna read this lol…. A lot of you don’t know my story (Soon the whole world will). I can hear some of y’all now saying “omg she was in jail?? She prolly beat up some girl” lol. That wasn’t the case in my situation. I was in a very crazy marriage! I won’t get into too many details because we are divorced and moved on now. He’s a great father and I have a lot of respect for him and I’s relationship! I don’t like to say anything bad about him because that was just a time in our life we experienced! What I will say is I encourage EVERYONE to make it an effort no matter what happened to get along with the other parent of your child/children! Being mad and holding onto stuff effects the children more than you may realize. . . Anyways moving on… I was miserable, lost, angry, hurt, unhealthy and just struggling overall just a few years ago. You can see it all in my face on my pic on the left!!!! Then one day I woke up and said to myself “Sabrina this is not you! You’re a beast! You’re a winner! You’re a champion! You’re a giant! You deserve happiness. You deserve peace! Go and get the life you want”! That was literally the conversation! . . From that point on, I been moving forward in the right direction! I continue to make mistakes and stumble along the way… But I never stop the journey! That’s it y’all!!! Figure out where you want to be, where you want to go… and NEVER STOP THE JOURNEY!!! So, how can I motivate and encourage you all today??? . . #happyfriday #motivation #thenandnow #neverstopthejourney #turnadversityintoadvertisement #empowerment #encouragement #getuptoparr #realwoman #legend #atlanta #cleveland

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Parr had shared on the Instagram that she got 2 kids. She revealed that her husband went through the divorce with her.
She said: Crazy marriage. she posted a photo on Instagram you read what was happened she was arrested and she explained that story in his captions you can read here:

3.She was a athlete

Sabrina  was a two times State track champion award winning and five times all American. Follow by her website.
She won the state title in her High School selected as assistant coach.

2.Lamar and Sabrina have same ManagerLamar and Sabrina Manager

It’s still unclear how Lamar and Sabrina met. However their manger is same a lady name is Zoul El Fassi when you go to her you will see Sabrina name in her Bio same thing happened with lamar odom even you can see in Zoul El Bio.

1.Sabrina join WKNR’s The Really Big Show of Cleveland

After her controversial statement about a pro football name is Jabril Peppers ,she was fired from her previous job.

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