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Search Engines Optimization(SEO) Services For Restaurants

SEO Services: The Internet Contains a wide range of information with good ones and bad ones. Almost every information you want about anything, you’re just a few taps away or a few clicks. I’d say a good rule of thumb for the internet is that if you want to know about something or buy services there’s a website available on the huge internet world however, there’s is catch you have to find it. That brings you to our Digital Marketing services specifically designed for restaurants. However, we are going to be focusing on Search Engine Optimization Services.

Who uses search engines such as Google, Bing?

Well, everyone except for Amazon searchers or eBay and I’m quite sure nobody is gonna be searching your restaurant on Amazon, or eBay.

Even bigger brands get most of their traffic through Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing is the biggest online traffic generator on the world wide web, and will continue to grow in near future. However, SEO can drive customers to your restaurant website, keep in mind that 49.9 billion other websites are competing against your website.

Even if your customer does search something on search engines for purchase or information, and your restaurant’s website has information or product listed on it this alone doesn’t just pop up automatically rank first on SERP (search engine results page) if the targeted search query big enough and you’ll get lucky you maybe end up in somewhere amongst top 100 million search results of Google, Bing, etc.

That might be good when you are sharing your holiday vacations with your family or friends, however when you’re promoting your restaurant to your potential patrons your website needs to rank 1 on the first page of search engines’ results. Since that’s where most of the search engine users click.

How much your potential diners are spending money on search engines?

The fact of the matter is that your customer spends money on the internet that customer spending is increasing rapidly why! You might ask? Because it’s quite easy to buy something online all you need is just a debit or credit card, a stable internet connection, a phone that we all carry in our pocket most of the time, and a product or service you wish to buy.

Money coming from e-commerce in the USA alone was (431.6 billion USD) in 2020 (source ), Statista Digital Market Outlook report showed that till 2025 revenue from e-commerce will increases from 431.6 billion USD to 563.4 billion USD.

Researchers also say that digital buyers were 256 million in 2020, this number will grow to 291.2 million online by 2025 (source).

Ways to rank on search engines ranking?There are 2 ways to do SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

1. Organic way: to rank higher on Google you have to do Optimization for your potential customers and google’s bots so that it could index your website pages or blogposts into its database. Let me tell you it’s not easy it takes many things involving on & off-page SEO, link building, settings up Google my for your local customers, load timing, cms, etc.

2. Pay search engines for higher rankings we do have a specific service for it called “PAY PER CLICK SERVICES FOR RESTAURANT“.

What will you get when you hire us instead of our competitors?

  • Well, we only work with restaurants of all types from food truck restaurants to fine dining restaurants, we only focus on one niche which is restaurants.
  • Only one client per city: We only work with just one client per city so that we won’t be working with your close competitors in your city.
  • No quarterly or yearly contract: unlike other agencies that you are going to find for your digital marketing are only gonna work with you, only when you give them quarterly or yearly money upfront or you have to a signed contract that’s gonna make you stuck with them until the end date of the contract. however, that isn’t the working with us because our marketing plans only last for 30 days which means you will always be able to cancel your plan though you don’t do that to once you see the efforts we are putting to keep your ranking on the page 1 on Google.

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