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Social Media Marketing Services For Restaurants| smm for your restaurant??

Social Media Marketing with the restaurant owner

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important marketing channels in digital marketing. Over 88% of all companies are spending money and putting efforts on Social Media Platforms if not all social media channels they are at least focusing on one social media platform.

Are you seeing, how easy it can be for your restaurant business lost in this virtual social media world For your business’s social media pages to gain more organic exposure, and reach, engage brand advocates, and even drive more sales and leads, you also have to have a cutting-edge marketing strategy that would increase the chances of your restaurant’s success.

Well luckily for you we provide social media media services that offer some of the best smma strategies out there for your restaurant’s social media marketing. Whether you already have a decent amount of social media activities going on or you don’t even have a Facebook page for your business.

We will help you through your social media marketing plan every step of the way – from the creation of your account and optimizing your profile, through posting content that your audience will want to engage with, and all the way to advertising and promoting your restaurant to your potential patrons.

A powerful social media online presence is essential something you can’t lose without putting effort or money or maybe both.

Why is a social media strategy important?

If you still aren’t convinced yet that promoting your restaurant business on social media networks could be one of the best digital marketing strategies if not the best, then maybe these numbers will give you more clarity The number of users on the internet is 4.9 billion and 4.3 billion people use social media platforms.

But that’s not all these numbers are forecast to increase to 6 billion people in 2027. Here’s one more interesting fact about social media platforms As of January 2020, the global social media usage rate stood at 49 percent.

Now you might be wondering how much time these people are spending on social media and the answer is an average internet user spends 144 minutes every day. No wonder why most restaurants small to large businesses focus on posting stories and images, and videos constantly.Statistics also show that every 10 seconds a new person is coming on social media.

At this point, I think I made it clear to you why social media marketing could be beneficial to your restaurant business.

Not using social media marketing is like using old-time phonebooks to find mobile numbers or using a Nokia 3310 as your primary phone while there’s nothing with using 2-decade-old phones and using old-time methods but those people are missing out benefits of current technology.

If you’re a person who has no modern principle then it’s fine however if you are running a restaurant business and finding ways to increase your customer or engage with them in public then your online presence is a must.

Here are the social media marketing platforms that We provide services to manage.

  • Social media strategy: to achieve measurable results for your business. We will audit your current social media strategy after understanding your ideal customer then we will give you a roadmap so you would know what metrics are important in a social media marketing plan or you won’t set unrealistic expectations.
  • Content Creation: we will guide you in your creation journey if you have in house content writer but if you don’t have that we will take care of that as well we will not only just help you in content creation we will help you to build a content calendar, optimizing your content with copywriting, etc.

What Are Some Common SMM Strategies?

  • Facebook marketing: In our social media marketing plan you will get your restaurant’s own Facebook page not just with your name and profile but with an optimized bio, username, your website CTA ( Call to action) button, and building content calendar for your social media campaigns, results in tracks from facebook.
  • Facebook ppc (you will get this service free with our social media marketing plan):We will also help you when you think you need to boost posts ( advertising on Facebook) like creating ad campaigns, building ad creatives or your restaurant discount offers selecting date and time ad placement, budget installing Facebook pixel on your website if you have for the campaign.
  • YouTube advertising management: we will manage your YouTube advertisement campaigns such as campaign, creating a thumbnail, selecting the video ad format for your promotion campaigns, budget, targeting, CPC bidding, and keyword research.
  • Instagram management: We will set up your restaurant business Instagram account fully optimized for social media marketing, you will get monthly social media posts made by us from Stories to images with trending hashtags in your restaurant niche. You will get a monthly report on which of your post did well and which didn’t with it you will know the efforts and you will get a better picture of your social media marketing activities. Advertising on Instagram is there are objectives base campaigns which we manage from the Facebook ad manager because it’s included in our service of social media marketing.
  • Twitter management: we manage and tweet for you, we will also manage your paid Twitter ad campaigns.
  • LinkedIn management: we don’t suggest restaurants use LinkedIn target unless you are running a restaurant that focuses on business LinkedIn ads are more expensive than the platforms that we mentioned above. But if you are running a restaurant that focuses on business people then our social media services have an add-on so proceed to reach your target customers.
  • Pinterest management: we will help you to set up your Pinterest business why? Because it gives an additional feature analysis. We will also do keyword research for your pins and boards so your restaurant could be found on the Pinterest search engine and we will manage your paid ads on the platform. You can ask for this add-on when you will buy our social media marketing plan.


So what are you waiting for? set up a free consultation call for your social media marketing journey for your business.