professional website services For Restaurants

professional website services:Your business website is the essential tool for your restaurant marketing plan. In the era of the digital world where your customer wants to know what to expect when they visit your restaurant.Since digital Marketing has become an integral part of all integrated marketing strategies and multi-channel tactics.

You need website a whenever you are trying to use any media whether it’s owned media or paid media, or shared media.

However, having your website is not only important when trying leverage any media it’s also important because it’s part of your owned media which is important since we don’t know when these social media platforms stop giving organic reach or they simply change their policies which affects your business visibility.

Ok so now that you understand why you need a website for your restaurant. But you aren’t sure about what you need on your website. Worry not because we provide website Services that are designed for your business.

Here are the Website Services we offer for your restaurant.

The website from scratch: we will create your website from buying hosting to a restaurant menu page and other pages such as a contact us page, gift card, newsletter page, blog page, customer reviews, testimonials page, and FAQ page.

You get a custom email address not only that you will also get Links to your social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. We will Add a call to action button to your website such as book a table or click here. We will help you to set up your Online Reservation such opentable. You will secure an HTTPS website.

Landing Page Services

We will create landing pages for your discount offers where your customer could enter their details and get the discount.

Copywriting Services for Website

you will get the best-written copies for your website’s page title, headlines, CTA, and subheadlines.

Website Management Services

if you have a website integrated with CMS ( Content Management System) such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, or WordPress. Then you will need someone who could handle creating and editing blog posts and adding media content like video and audio files, and photos. Website monthly performance reports, Monitor domain registration and hosting Troubleshooting (when problems arise), Troubleshooting and Tech Support, Layout and Graphic Design, and many more things are included in this plan.

Tracking Setting up Services

Here we set up your google webmaster account, Facebook pixal integration with your website, and Google Analytics setup. You will get this service free if you’re using our website from scratch plan for a year.