Super Saturday

Super Saturday#1: MIB International box office collection,Spider-Man far from home shoot a safety video with United Airlines,Tony Stark Death was a improvised Scene

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Do, Hi guys it is my new series called (Super Saturday) which talking about superheroes thing and it’s movies update. Although it is a weekly series but I’ll be trying talking about those things which happened in Saturday.
So now let’s get jump into our first episode of

Super Saturday#1: MIB International box office collection,Spider-Man far from home shoot a safety video with United Airlines,

Men In Black International box office collectionsSuper Saturday

Now let’s talking about mib international starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson the first weekend box office reports by deadline.

Its weekend collections is 25 million dollar include Friday 10 million dollars and Thursday previews 3.1 million dollars
So total estimated collection is 25 million dollars.

Source:‘Men In Black: International’ Isn’t Traveling Stateside With $25M

Spider-Man far from home shoot a safety video with United Airlines

1 months ago Sony pictures ann

United Airlines Safety ad with Spider Man

ounced a partnership with a airline company deal is that spider Man Far from home well featured in a a safety ad and now we know that which company is shooting its safety video ad that is United airlines.

And now let’s talk about what they have for you guys,if you will book and travel in its then under this event they will give you a spider Man bag ,spider Man sleeping mask, napkins,socks .I know it’s nothing but still it is good way promote safety.

And are planning to travel in United airlines flight? let me know in the comments section (Super Saturday)

Avenger Endgame’s Tony Stark Death was a improvised Scene

Iron Man's death

Avengers endgame was a lagecy of the Robert Downey’s Tony Stark it says iron Man always be fan favorite character in MCU.

We saw that in the Endgame Iron Man l was dying after he defeated Josh Brolin’s Thanos.
But Tom Holland how is playing Spider Man in The Marvel CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.

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He said where he promoting Spider Man Far from Home and a someone asked him about Tony Stark’s death Scene ” there wasn’t a script to prepared Iron Man’s death Scene and other MCU stars Gathered onto set.
And it was a interesting way to shooting a Scene with that kind of movie although it was emotional day of shoot.
Kevin Feige was there and Robert Downey Jr,
Russo brothers,Gwyneth Paltrow And don cheadle , myself.
We kind of take onto set, might they were just telling us what was happened or what they wanted to gonna be happen then we sort for a improvised if I can remember it.
But now when I looked back into then I think it was crazy day when i have on the ever set”

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Yes guys that was the first episode of our new series super Saturday I hope you guys enjoyed the show and if not then I sorry for because that was first episode.
Next Saturday I’ll bring you more stuff like that till then subscribe to my YouTube channel also subscribe to my site my site push notification.
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