Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)
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Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Business a Fortune(2019)

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Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?) have ever heard that historic mistakes of businesses Fortune?

Probably you don’t know because I want think that businesses is so easy when we build a good company with the good brand equity.

But sometimes companies thinks that they are trying to made a PSP (problem solving product) but actually they made a historic mistake. Yes today we are going to talk about:

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune

5.Coca-Cola almost destroyed their business

Coca cola bottle

Things we are going to talking about: coke failure
case study
2.original coke
3.the real story
of the new coke
4.when did coke change
to corn syrup
5.How much money did coke lose on New Coke?
6.Why did the New Coke fail?
7.What happens when Coca Cola changed its formula?

Most of you guys are thinking that Coca-Cola is a very good taste of the soda.

but have you ever heard that they are completely reformulated diet soda taste and his original USP.

So let’s talking about coca cola’s biggest business mistake that they did it.

Year 1985, coc-cola announced that they would
be improved their soda taste they did that because Coca-Cola want to defeat his competitor Pepsi.

Coca-Cola called this ‘New Coke‘ and they claimed that this thing will be improved our Coca-Cola taste.

Coca-Cola spend millions of dollars for advertising to promote this slogan ‘New Coke Is It’.

Coca-Cola believe that this will be popular because they featured Max Headroom and Bill Cosby.

But Company’s executives were never think about that what happened next.

There were a big backlash from their customers.And almost everyone wants to
get back in the Coca-Cola’s classic taste.

Situation is also a little bit of panic. Coca-Cola’s biggest was that they don’t about what customers thinking about their product.

And you know what.. Pepsi had an opportunity to defeat Coca-Cola and Pepsi grabbed that opportunity.

They released a TV commercial and in their advertising (An old man was telling to customers where is my coke taste) and that was great to Pepsi but not for the Coca-Cola.

Almost every customer shift to the Pepsi who were from Coca-Cola.After the whole incident Coca-Cola’s CEO came in the television screen he said: Sorry to everyone.

Source:This mistake from 30 years ago almost destroyed Coca-Cola

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

(So tell me guys whats your opinion about that story did you heard the story before let me know in the comment session)

4.Kodak destroyed by himself to make the digital camera

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

Things we are going to talking about:

1.what should kodak
have done differently
or kodak kodak still
in business
4.How did Kodak fail?
5.Is Kodak still making cameras?
6.Why did Kodak go out of business?
7.Does Kodak still exist?
8.Did Kodak invent the digital camera?
9.what did kodak
company do wrong

In 1973, Kodak allow to his employee (Steven Sasson)to make latest inovation who will be the future of cameras.

Kodak also allow to Steven Sasson he Kodak equipments and their inovation team.
So then (Steven Sasson) Create a world first digital camera.

But the digital camera has a poor quality is just 100×100 and remember 70s old memory card.

Digital Camera mechanism was that first pic your picture and then put it into your VCR then see your in so tiny quality on your Black and White TV screen.

Kodak felt that that is too far away from us then why should we care of it.Also people have better option from this.

But the game was charged when Steven Sasson suddenly left his job and then he would became partnered with Robert Hills.

Both of them working on their next project which is World’s first DSLR Camera.And they succeed in his project of their life.

Now Nikon and Fuji was the first two companies who were selling DSLR camera.
And they made millions dollars.but our Kodak can’t enter to that.

Source:How Kodak Failed

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

What’s your opinion about that incident let me know in the comment section?

3.Henry Ford was created the (Fordlandia)

a Utopian ford

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

Things we are going to talking about:

1.In which country did Henry Ford’s Fordlandia rubber plantation exist?
2.Why did fordlandia fail?
3.When was fordlandia built?
Year 1928, rubber making was so much expensive. Rubber had be tapped from rubber tree in tropical weather.

Then rubber was shifted by Sri Lanka to United States. In those days Henry Ford was
buying so much rubber for his car company.

Year 1920,Synthetic rubber was been invented in that time.

But companies were thinking that original rubber is very much superior than synthetic rubber.

And Even regular customers could against that we are offering to them fake tires which used from fake rubber.

Then Henry Ford was thinking that if he could build a factory in the South America.

He can produce rubber and yes original rubber by himself.

So that he he can also build a new business for his company.

Henry Ford ready for that and then he rented
The land for his plan.

He paid to Brazilian state,Para 125,000 dollars.nowdays which is $1,750,000.

Now he had a land which was stretched to Amazon rainforest. And now because he had so much property and now he would be execute his plan.

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Which is he need a factory, houses,schools,stores, and a dance hall for his employes.

Then soon enough time it is a fully functional town called the (Fordlandia).

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

For those people who they are living there Henry Ford remember little bit of trying to controlling town people.

In the town called (Fordlandia) some were laws created by Henry Ford.
For example: (Fordlandia) was offering the best and healthy Food, alcohol and smoking
Are strictly Banned in (Fordlandia).

Year 1930, riot was happened amongst workers in (Fordlandia). Then Henry Ford decided to make more enjoyable for the people of Fordlandia who those living there.

When Henry Ford was making situations better for (Fordlandia) he can’t be realized that the rubber production is not so much easier according like he was expected.

Fact is that Henry Ford can’t be a manufacturer of rubber because he was just then he built a factory and then he just thinking this place became city of rubber.

But the actual fact that I want to tell you is in that era of the time when Henry for was making a this Fordlandia that time is was a they had no experience how things works.

Their problems became more difficult when their competitors were making tires by
artificial rubber.

And that rubber was very much cheaper than
Fordlandia‘s rubber.

And at last he decide dropped this plan and get back home.

Now Fordlandia became a pit of money.
But the old factory known as ghost town is still remain.


Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

So this is that story guys what your opinions about this story let me know in the comment section.

2.M&M lose $35 million

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

Year 1985,E.T: The Extra Terrestrial film was just release and the first premier of Extra Terrestrial was defeat even Star Wars.

Then E.T became highest grossing movie of it’s time . whenever it something like happened any type of brand or company wants to featured their products.

But M&M candy don’t wanted to featured their candy.because they are just thinking this movie wouldn’t made for their brand good sale that’s why they turn down wit it’s contract.

Then immediately Hershey’s accepted the offer to featured their Reese’s Pieces candy.
And paid to universal pictures so that they would featured Reese’s Pieces candy .

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

And after the E.T movie premier Reese’s Pieces candy sales boost up to 65% .And they earned 35 million dollars.

So friends this is the story of how lose earned 35 million dollars and ‘how earned Reese’s Pieces candy 35 million dollars

What’s your opinion about aight let me know in the comments section.

Top 10 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)
1.Schlitz Beer loss entire brand value

Top 5 Historic Mistakes That Cost Businesses a Fortune(You know?)

Things we are going to talking about:

1.Where is Schlitz beer brewed?
2.Why is Schlitz the beer that made Budweiser famous?
3.Does Schlitz still make beer they destroyed their whole business
5.Is Schlitz beer exist?
6.Where is Schlitz beer brewed?

Now Let’s talking about our list’ Number.6

in 1848 Schlitz Beer was made by the German immigrants (Joseph Schlitz) and in early years it was became a well knowing company.

But when Schlitz Beer and Budweiser were war together head-to-head that who became a #1 beer selling company.

That’s why they realize that Schlitz Beer should had to change their beer taste.

So then they were cutting the costs and make it production faster than before.

Schlitz Beer decrease the amount of malted barley they used corn syrup as an alternative
also they used the alternative of fresh hops which was hop pellets.

In the beginning of the plan did a fantastic job for Schlitz Beer because Schlitz Beer was able sell and process more beer in a short time.

But customers could taste it and it’s taste was nothing like it before.
And then fans are demanding better taste of it’s beer then Budweiser grab found that Schlitz Beer using some unnatural chemicals
in Schlitz Beer brew , Schlitz did not listen to it.

And now they in the middle situation and now realized that they were stuck now because there would failed in their which was the would be make production faster and efficient than Budweiser.

Then they were think that would making beer by using chemical Beer stabilizer to ‘accelerated batch fermentation’
But again they ware failed because a worker of their factory found a reason of ‘ hazy mucus’ .

And although their formula was not for health and good for their company health
still they pushed it the formula to market.
and consumers were decided that they would never buy it the beer because they were afraid because if they buy would that (Schlitz Beer) make them sick.

Now (Schlitz) They did not have any other way to do this instead to recall the 1.4 million dollars.

Their full respect were completely damaged by that Incident.
after this incident Schlitz Beer nowhere
Become a #1 beer seller.

In 1980s, Schlitz shutdown their factories
also that brand had been lost 90% around original value.

In 20th century, Schlitz take over by the Pabst Brewing brand and then again they begin beer producing by their traditional classic taste.
But now Schlitz it’s too late.

Source:Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

Anyways guys so let me know in the comments section did you already know about it ?

Bonus. Faulty Firestone Tires Caused 20 Deaths,in

Ford and Firestone tires controversy

Firestone and Ford signed a contract which says that it.Ford had to use only Firestone tires for their cars.

Both of the company build very strong relation for their business even some of Ford and Firestone legatees were married together.

But in 1990s era was not good for or both companies and their let’s talking about what happened with Ford and Firestone.

Well in 1990s,Ford was using Firestone tires
so many accidents were happened with Ford Explorer and P235/75R15 ATX, ATX II related vehicles which were running on the united states’ roads and they were running internationally.

After the investigation we had a data take a look at the information: 800 injuries 271 fatalities in US more injuries and fatalities happened in internationally.

After this incident both companies were had received a court notice then both Ford and Firestone CEO were appeared on the court and they were blaming each other.

Ford CEO”everything happened just because were using Firestone tires”

Firestone CEO ” there is no fault of power tires because if our tires had defected then why it was just with ford motors because same tires were using in multiple cars? and why this thing is happening with Ford Explorer many times?”

And when ford and Firestone know this happening with the product. Then they recall their tires and cars.

Firestone recall their 14 million tires and it what’s the largest recall amount history.
Firestone recalled their atx,atx2 ,Wilderness AT tires.

And now some people are saying and believing that Ford made this conspiracy because they wanted to cancelled that contract which was said “Ford has to use only Firestone tires for Ford vehicles and as I told you before the deadline of this contract was for 100 years.

guys I don’t think so it was a really good thing or it’s just a bad thing I think it was a really sad for of that business mistake I just want to say : it’s was a really very bad business mistake because not just a business point of view but also it is a ethically a big mistake.

Source:Firestone and Ford tire controversy

So guys, do you know about this business mistake?

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