Weekly box office collection: Venom Movie made Sony's highest grossing film in Russia 1

Weekly box office collection: Venom Movie made Sony’s highest grossing film in Russia

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Venom movie

venom Weekend box office collection

venom has become the best movie of Sony’s movie because it has earned more than any sony movie in Russia, and this film is the second best blockbuster of this year in Russia.

And if you talk about the number of years of the film, then the movie was ‘Avangers Infinity War’

Now let’s talk about Venom Movie’s Russia’s Box Office Collection ($ 24 million) and now talk about the collection of Avangers Infinity War ($ 32.7 million).

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Not only that, Wenem Movie has earned only $ 14.4 million on its opening weekend in Russia.
But this record was also broken by the Aviation Infinity War Infinity War earned $ 15.6 million on its opening weekend, so the whole collection of Pirates of the Caribbean was in the collection of what was in Russia Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Of $ 14.7 million).

But the Venom movie is still not included in the list of Russia’s All Time Top 10 Hollywood releases, but this movie is just behind $ 2.7 million from Deadpool, which is currently in this list.

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