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You know this?: ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Easter egg of the Dragon Ball GT

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Everyone talking about Dragon Ball Super broly movie but this post is not for Dragon Ball super broly movie because I found easter Egg dragon ball GT in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super’ Easter egg of the Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GTI was re watching Dragon Ball Super episodes and when I was watching episode 77 I found an Easter Egg of Dragon Ball GT.

Which you guys probably do not know about this When I looked at these little furry creatures during Grand Zeno announce the tournament of power and scene then I remembered that

There are creatures that were shown in Dragon Ball GT.

This direct reference was to the Dragon Ball GT and perhaps you did not give it because the scene happened right after this moment towards Goku.

You can tell us in the Commands that this Ester Egg was known to you or not.

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