Super Saturday

Super Saturday#1: MIB International box office collection,Spider-Man far from home shoot a safety video with United Airlines,Tony Stark Death was a improvised Scene

Do, Hi guys it is my new series called (Super Saturday) which talking about superheroes thing and it’s movies update. Although it is a weekly series but I’ll be trying talking about those things which happened in Saturday. So now let’s get jump into our first episode of Super Saturday#1: MIB International box office collection,Spider-Man […]

Katy Perry

The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music of 2018

The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music of 2018(Katy Perry) 10.Britney Spears annual income (30 million dollars) 9.Celine Dion annual income (31 million dollars) 8.Helene Fischer annual income (32 million dollars) 7.Rihanna annual income (37 million dollars) 6.Jennifer Lopez annual income (47 million dollars) Also read:Top 3 Clues That Solved Or Deepened Old mysteries in the […]

Dragon Ball Gt

You know this?: ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Easter egg of the Dragon Ball GT

Everyone talking about Dragon Ball Super broly movie but this post is not for Dragon Ball super broly movie because I found easter Egg dragon ball GT in Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super’ Easter egg of the Dragon Ball GT I was re watching Dragon Ball Super episodes and when I was watching episode […]


Weekly box office collection: Venom Movie made Sony’s highest grossing film in Russia

venom Weekend box office collection venom has become the best movie of Sony’s movie because it has earned more than any sony movie in Russia, and this film is the second best blockbuster of this year in Russia. And if you talk about the number of years of the film, then the movie was ‘Avangers […]

Dragon Ball Super Broly

‘Dragon Ball Super Broly’ Latest Promotional Add Poster With Broly’s New Look Lauch by: YonkouProductions

The entire Fandom is exited about ‘Dragon Ball Super Broly‘ which has many reasons for the movie but most of the character designs and Broly photos have come up so far. In all those pictures, we have been shown that Broly has shown them all up to their power. Or fighting Dragon Ball Super Broly’ […]

Robin Leach 3 things
Facts and top Hollywood

Rip Robin Leach:3 Things To Know About The Late ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous’ Host

Today, people with very good personality and thinking who had a name (Robin Leach) today went on saying this by saying goodbye to this world. It is a sad fact that after 77 years of age Leach that we left the world. But today we have brought his memories to you. It is related to 3 […]

fairy tail
Anime Trending today

‘Fairy Tail’ Creators Mashima share some character Sketch

We have already confirmed that fairy tail had stopped coming last year, but the Fairy Tail’s creator Hiro Mashima has uploaded his anime character sketch several times on Twitter. Because of this, now he has uploaded Juvia and gray 落書き — 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) July 21, 2018 character sketch on his twitter account for the […]