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What I Need I New Info could do for Restaurants?

Are you someone who is doing marketing for your restaurant while handling the restaurant? If so then you are doing something by looking for someone or a Full-service digital marketing agency. Because as a business owner you need more time on handling than trying to do everything by yourself. I Need I New Info could provide you with everything you might need related to Digital Marketing if you are trying to bring your restaurant presence online. We use the Omni-channel marketing approach to bring customers to our clients.


How we make services for restaurant owners?

We know that there are different types of restaurants and each of them needs a variety of solutions to increase the restaurant’s online presence.

That’s why you won’t just get a generic price quotation just so we can charge even when you don’t need those services. So how do we start the onboarding process, well it’s simple we will ask you to fill out the then you will an email for choosing the right date and time for the Free Consultation.

Where we will show you our findings about problems with your website, social media activities, PPC campaigns on search engines or social media paid advertising, and SEO errors. And if your restaurant has no online presence then we will set up everything for you from a secured website to running advance remarketing ads.


Client Testimonials And Reviews


Chilee Powdah

PowdahLand Record Company


good job..He has done good job for our music video when we created music but Didn’t know about video editing I Need I New Info helped us.


Ashwinji Thakor

Aswini Ayurveda


it’s a great job.


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Work only In Restaurant niche


No Yearly or quarterly contract signing required


Work Only with one client for one city

Been doing digital Marketing for nearly a decade

Marketing Automation Framework

Digital Marketing Services For Your Restaurant.

    Seo Services: Get th Organic traffic with our Search Engine Optimization Services especially designed for Restaurants.
    PPC Services For Restaurants:
  • Don’t want to wait for months to get new patrons for your restaurant then worry not because with our PPC services you will see results not in a year, not in the quarter but week or month.
    Website Creation Services For Restaurants: Don’t know how to make a beautiful and secure website for your website, check out our website Services.
    Complete Marketing Package For Restaurants: If you want complete digital marketing in just single Package then the best plan in the market for your restaurant online presence
    Social Media Marketing Services For Restaurant: Do You want your happy Diners to tell others about the experiences they had at your Restaurant on social media? You can do it with our Social Media Marketing Services.



Mayank is the C.M.O of the I Need I New Info he also manages and hires temporary team members for tasks that requires complex understanding. However, it doesn’t mean Mayank only handles the team he has PPC campaigns, website design, SEO, and social media marketing skills as well not only that he also has 8 years of experience in the digital marketing profession.